Our Service Offerings

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling infrastructure allows for the transmission of data—especially as it pertains to your business’s communications. It refers to a standardized system of cabling and connectivity that supports various digital services, such as data, voice, and video, within a business or commercial environment.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cabling is a network technology that uses thin, flexible strands of glass or plastic (fibers) to transmit data as light signals over long distances. It is vital for enabling high-speed, reliable, and secure communication networks, and serves as the backbone for modern internet connectivity and infrastructure, including various digital services.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is key to your business’ safety and security. Not only can it inform business owners of customers or employees acting suspiciously, but it can also let you know if there is a breach in the building, or if other criminal acts are underway. Video is the number one way to protect your business assets from unauthorized personnel entering or exiting the building, and is one of our most popular service offerings.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points, or WAP, are devices that allow for other devices, such as a cellphone, computer, security system, etc, to connect to a wired network using WIFI, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies. They play a vital role in providing network connectivity to businesses, offices, and other public spaces, such as libraries, or government buildings. They help determine the speed, efficiency, and overall performance of a particular network.

Access Control

Wireless access control, or WAC, refers to the use of wireless technology to manage and monitor access to a particular area of a building, or a building itself. It is installed to improve security and prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to a restricted area or areas where sensitive or confidential information may be held such as at a lab or military building, or for the general safety and security of employees or residents at office buildings, apartment buildings, or residential facilities.

Design Services

Proper cabling design is a must to ensure network connectivity and the efficient transmission of data through the network cables. It involved strategically choosing the best cables for the best application, and ensuring your business stays connected with creative problem solving and placement of fiber optic cables, and structured cabling. Included is the design of video surveillance and determining the optimal place for your business’s new security system.